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Try before you buy

Not sure if you’ll enjoy wearing hearing aids? Not sure if they’ll really help? You might be interested in our "Try before you buy" no money down trial plan.

Here’s how it works: we set up a 12 month, no interest payment plan for you. There’s no additional fees or interest - it’s the same amount as if you paid cash up front. Your first payment will not come due until you have have worn the hearing aids for up to a month in your daily environment. You get to objectively evaluate the benefit of the instruments in the real world before any money changes hands.

If for any reason the hearing aids don’t live up to your expectations or you simply don’t enjoy using them, you can return them before the end of your trial period. We will cancel the payment plan agreement, no hassle, no questions asked. You owe us nothing and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to try hearing aids for fear of making a bad investment. Take advantage of our no money down trial option!

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