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Personal Sound Amplification

Special Introductory PRICE – Just $199.  Buy two and get $50 off the second one!

Q:  What exactly is a PSAP? 

A:   It’s a hearing device intended for those who want to hear a little better but don’t yet need hearing aids.  It’s physically similar to a hearing aid but is different because it’s not custom programmed for a specific individual.  It provides a generic, mild level of amplification to the speech frequencies, kind of like over the counter reading glasses vs. custom eyeglasses.  Unlike custom fitted hearing aids,  PSAP’s are categorized as Consumer Electronics. This is partly why it’s less expensive than a custom hearing aid, which is considered a Medical Device by the FDA.

Q:  Will a PSAP help my hearing loss?

A:  It very well might, but keep in mind that PSAP’s provide only very mild amplification and probably won’t be sufficient if you have a substantial hearing loss. You are welcome to try a PSAP for 30 days to see if it helps you.  If it doesn’t, we’ll refund your money.

Although it’s not required, we recommend you let us test your hearing first, particularly if you think you have a significant hearing loss.  Then we can advise you whether a PSAP will be sufficient or if you will be better off with custom hearing aids or if you need medical attention.

Q:  What if I try  PSAP’s and I don’t like them?

A:  Bring them back within 30 days.  We’ll give your money back.  Yes, all of it.

Q:  What happens if I buy a PSAP and find out later on that I really do need hearing aids?  Have I wasted my money?

A:  We will apply what you paid for the PSAP towards custom hearing aids if you end up needing them within 3 years from the time of purchase.