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Hearing Aid Repair

There are many reasons why hearing devices stop working correctly. Bowles Hearing Care Services, PC provides ways to deal with products that malfunction. A backup plan is always recommended when dealing with electronics that address any health issues you’ve been diagnosed with. With the right information, every patient can take the correct steps in resolving hearing aid issues.

Why hearing devices need repairs

Wax buildup in the ears can cause blockages when using hearing aids. Muffled sounds and incoherent speech are some of the side effects. All of this is temporary if the wax is cleaned in an acceptable amount of time. When left unchecked, the wax can cause permanent damage to the device.

Leaving hearing aids in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures will create havoc with the electronics. At the very least, it will cause a significant drain on the battery and may lower its lifespan. Keep hearing aids away from direct sunlight, and when not in use, put them in a compatible storage accessory.

Maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning are discussed during the initial fitting. This is one of the most important pieces of information to remember from the appointment. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the device and prevents the most common type of complications. Take the time to get a cleaning kit that includes a brush and wax pick. This covers the necessary tools for multiple styles and will help establish good cleaning habits in the future.  

Is the repair minor or major?

Sometimes the problem is simple and can be handled by the user. This is what regular maintenance and cleaning are for. When the problem is more complex, the next step is to bring it to one of our hearing healthcare providers. On-site repairs can often be completed in a short amount of time in our office. Any repair that can’t be done on-site has to be sent off to the manufacturer. This process may take one-to-two weeks to complete, but we will communicate with you every step of the way regarding the timeline of your hearing aid repairs. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding hearing aid repairs, warranty coverage and replacement options.