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Ordering Hearing Aids on the Internet

Ordering Hearing Aids on the Internet


A number of people have asked us recently about companies that advertise name brand hearing aids on the internet at seemingly very low prices.  We too have noticed the recent proliferation of internet hearing aid sales companies and I think it’s important to educate you (the consumer) about these companies and what they are really offering.


It is true that several internet companies offer name brand hearing aids sold directly to you, usually at prices $400 to $600 less than what you could purchase the same thing from a local hearing clinic.  What you must understand is that in most cases you are purchasing the hearing aids only, with minimal or no fitting and follow up services included.  Some of the companies will refer you to a local hearing aid office where they have contracted with the provider to perform a very minimal fitting for a hundred or so dollars.  This way they get to claim that the “fitting is included”.  Others leave it completely up to the customer to go out and find someone on their own who is willing to provide these necessary services.  In either case you will not be getting top notch service and certainly not “service with a smile”.


However, for those willing to take a chance in order to pay as little as possible we cannot fault you if you decide to go the minimalist route.  Just keep in mind that you will be dealing with a out of state company (that may or may not be in business next month) and it will be completely up to you to find someone willing to help you with the hearing aids.  It’s false economy to save 25% on your purchase if the product you purchased ends up being of no benefit.