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Can Profoundly Deaf People Hear with the Help of Hearing Aids?

an old man who is very hard of hearing

Profound hearing loss can have a significant impact on a person’s life. But thanks to ongoing research and development in hearing technology, there are effective solutions in place to improve hearing and help those experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by several factors, which is why it’s important to consider the various hearing aid solutions available. For better hearing and a better quality of life, a hearing aid could be the simple answer. 

About profound hearing loss

Profound hearing loss is a term used to describe those who experience total hearing loss, meaning they rely on communication techniques such as lip-reading or sign language in order to understand.

Profound hearing loss can happen as a result of various causes, both immediate and progressive. It can happen from birth, or can be the result of lifestyle choices, as well as conditions that can develop in later life. Some common causes of profound hearing loss include:

  • An injury
  • The result of a disease such as meningitis, mumps and chickenpox. Hearing loss can also be caused by prenatal disease exposure to conditions, including flu and rubella. 
  • Genetic disorders. 
  • Some form of trauma
  • Exposure to noise, including a sudden loud noise or prolonged exposure to high noise levels over time.

While some causes of hearing loss are treatable through various techniques, profound hearing loss can be much harder to treat. In these cases, an audiologist can help to provide solutions and recommend ongoing treatment or symptom management.

The benefits of hearing aids

One of the most popular solutions for tackling hearing loss is a hearing aid. Hearing aids are designed to improve a person’s hearing using technology to boost the sound vibrations that enter a person’s ear, allowing them to be better processed by the brain. They can be effective for those experiencing many forms of hearing loss, bringing many improvements to a person’s overall hearing.

A variety of styles and sizes to choose from

Hearing aids are available in many shapes and forms. Behind the ear, or BTE hearing aids, are a popular design, allowing ease of insertion and comfort. There are also in the ear, or ITE hearing aids that are discreet as well as benefiting from the latest technology.

Helping a person return to work

Those experiencing profound hearing loss can find themselves unable to work. But with a hearing aid, it can be possible for people to return to work and continue to earn a living.

Better quality of life

Hearing aids can help someone with profound hearing loss experience a better quality of life. Being able to communicate is important, and a hearing aid can help combat some of the isolation that those with hearing loss face. Dealing with conditions such as tinnitus can seriously affect a person’s mental health, making a hearing aid a cost-effective solution to treating hearing loss.

Improved cognitive function

When you experience profound hearing loss, your brain can begin to shut down, as it’s no longer using that part of itself. By wearing a hearing aid, however, you could ensure your brain stays active, improving your cognitive function and warding off conditions such as dementia.

How an audiologist can help

Audiologists are experts in their field, providing solutions to not only establish the causes of hearing loss, but provide solutions on how to treat it. An audiologist will carry out various tests to establish the cause, and then make recommendations on suitable treatments.

When it comes to hearing aids, audiologists will be able to ensure a suitable fit for the device depending on the patient’s individual needs. This ensures the wearer is comfortable and gets the most out of using the device. Should a patient experience any issues with their hearing aid, an audiologist can arrange repairs, professional cleaning and other services to get devices in working order again.

As well as finding the most appropriate hearing aid for your needs, an audiologist will advise you on protecting your hearing and helping you establish which situations to avoid. With regular visits, you can ensure you’re benefiting from the most appropriate solution.

At Bowles Hearing Care Services, we understand the intricacies of hearing aids, and the benefits they can bring. If you’re suffering from profound hearing loss and want to consider a hearing aid as a solution, our teams will be glad to help.

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