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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Bowles Hearing Care Services, PC understands the importance of healthy hearing. Being unable to hear correctly affects both your professional and personal lives. Several services are available to test hearing for any potential issues. The care of a hearing health professional gives patients a roadmap to better hearing and a healthier lifestyle. 

Cerumen Removal

Wax prevents bad things from going deep into the ear canal. Wax buildup happens when the body doesn’t naturally get rid of excess wax, or when it produces more than it can get rid of. Painless treatment options like irrigation or curettage are the most commonly used methods by hearing care providers. 

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Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Using a variety of tests, hearing specialists can confirm the severity of hearing loss in both ears. Past medical history is vital to the accuracy of the tests, and can also help when determining which tests work best. Air and bone conduction, speech and auditory brainstem response are some of the most common tests. Tympanometry or acoustic immittance testing also fall within this category. 

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Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

During the initial fitting, hearing health professionals handle the final programming of the hearing device. By using a process called live speech mapping, quick adjustments can be made in real-time. Important maintenance and care instructions are also discussed during the fitting, with plenty of time allotted for you to ask any pertinent questions.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

When hearing aids break down, the severity of the damage determines the best course of action. Minor damage can be fixed at home or with an in-office repair. Severe damage requires sending the device off to the manufacturer. 

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In Office Services

Keeping up with hearing health is much easier with regular check-ups and cleanings. This ensures the device is performing at an optimal level. Minor adjustments can be the difference between a good or great hearing experience. 

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Millions of people over the world are impacted by tinnitus, making treatment an essential need. There are now more options available than before to help hearing care providers treat tinnitus symptoms and side effects. These solutions may include hearing aids with masking abilities or therapies to help block out sounds.  

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